Heat Exchanger Selection and Design

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To provide a deep information about  Thermal and Mechanical Design methods for tube and shell heat exchangers. Special emphasis is placed on interaction between Mechanical Aspects and process requirements in the Thermal and Hydraulic design of  Heat Exchangers.


All Engineers and Technical members of Heat Exchanger Operations, Inspection, and repair. Who have had limited exposure in this area, or for professionals involved in other areas of the Petroleum Industry who require a comprehensive overview of Heat Exchangers.

الإطـار العام

  • Pre-testing.
  • Description of Heat Exchanger types.
  • Description and quantitative relationship for Heat
  • Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer.
  • Double pipe Heat Exchanger selection and Design.
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers-single phase flow selection and Design.
  • Condensers selection and Design.
  • Evaporators selection and Design.
  • Plate Heat Exchanger selection and Design.
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchanger selection and Design.
  • Compact Heat Exchanger selection and Design.
  • Heat exchanger post – test.

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