Microsoft’s Analysis Manager OLAP

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OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) is the most powerful business intelligence tool currently available and Microsoft’s Analysis Manager makes OLAP cubes incredibly easy to build and deploy. However, the real power of OLAP in its ability to help you to solve a real-life business problems; to release that power you need to use the language that controls the cubes and allows them to be queried.


Pre-request for top and medium Management level and Accountants

الإطـار العام

  • OLAP concept.
  • Microsoft’s analysis Manager makes OLAP cubes incredibly easy to build and deploy.
  • Real-Life Business problems.
  • Proprietary Data Sources, Technology-Enabled advanced analytics.
  • Innovative Web-Based delivery technologies.
  • Online analytical processing (OLAP).
  • Budgeting overview
  • Planning overview
  • Forecasting overview.
  • Using Technology to improve the efficiency of service can have a significant positive impact to the bottom line.
  • Order Tracking.
  • Invoicing (where applicable).
  • Pages which are easily updated by the client.
  • Unlimited products/services.
  • Easily affordable (Even For Business Start-Up).
  • Web design – Site Structures – E-Business.
  • Online Applications.
  • Backups and data vaulting.

Managed virus protection

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