Projects Management in the Construction Field

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To provide the participants with the basics of Projects Management and provide them with the required skills that helps them in decision making in Project Management.


Engineers and high qualified technicians whom working in the fields of projects planning and implementation.

الإطـار العام

  • Generic frame work for Project Management.

–  Main responsibility in Projects.

–  Elements of Projects Management.

–  Factors affecting the direction of Project Management system.

–  Reasons that caused failure of Project Management.

  • Project controlling and planning using Network Techniques.

–  Projects planning Elements ( contracting ).

–  Time relationship with cost – facilities-quality.

–  Contract study and planning for the project.

–  Plant layout.

–  Time schedule and technical study to reduce time.

  • Linear scheduling in Project Planning.

–  Advantages of the method.

–  working items, work performance, and Production Rate.

–  Minimizing project timing.

  • Project facilities Management.

–  Cost study and rate of work.

–  Productivity in projects.

–  TQM in Project Management.

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