Water Treatment

هـد ف البرنامج

The main objective of this advanced course is to provide the participants with the necessary information about water treatment processes, Industrial water system cleaning method and water corrosion control


The course is designed for, Engineers and personnel who would like to strengthen their background in the given topic .

الإطـار العام

  • Chemistry of Water .
  • Source of Water (produced, surface, seawater).
  • Difference between water purification and water
  • Corrosion tendencies and scale formation .
  • External Water Treatment Processes .
  • Cooling Water corrosion Control .
  • Cooling Water deposit Control .
  • Micro Biological Control .
  • Industrial Cooling Water System cleaning method .
  • Solids and Oil removal .
  • Corrosion and Inhibitors .
  • Feed and Control of Internal Treatment Chemicals.
  • Case study.

المدة الزمنية

مدة البرنامج: اسبوعان
تاريخ البدء
مقر الـــــدورة
06/ 1 /2024 القــــــــــــــــــــــــــــاهـــرة
31 /8 / 2024 القــــــــــــــــــــــــــــاهـــرة

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